Skinny-dipping and nude sunbathing are a part of the American tradition. George Washington did it, so did Ben Franklin. Even John Quincy Adams conducted a press interview while doing it! Mark Twain never provided Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn with swimsuits, and American icon Norman Rockwell painted skinny-dipping boys at the swimming hole for the cover of the Saturday Evening Post.

You feel really close to nature when you discard your clothes and feel warm sunshine, fresh air or cool water on the whole of your body. Being naked outdoors gives you a great sense of freedom.

Being naked in the presence of others is a pleasurable experience, but it is pleasure in the nicest sense of the word. It is very relaxing and enjoyable. For an easy way to get started as a nudist, you might enjoy a local nudist group in your area.

Europeans have vacationed at nudist resorts and nude and topless beaches for decades. A survey last year showed that 1 in 7 Germans vacation at a nudist resort each year. In Europe, when the temperatures go up, the clothes come off at resorts and beaches.

American baby boomers have now been flocking to nudist resorts because it's fun. Vacations at clothing optional and nudist resorts opens a whole new avenue of access to happy, friendly new people to enjoy life with.

Baby boomers have always been an experimental generation. It is only natural that they should seek out a new travel experience and fun adventure. Nude vacations are recognized as one of the fastest growing sectors of the travel industry. Why not enjoy a nudist vacation?

For baby boomers that have experienced the free-spirited decade of the '60s, this is like the fun we used to have. And once you have tried it, it is hard to go back to wearing a bathing suit.

And anything you can do, you can do naked There are even several nude cruises to Mexico, and clothing-optional condos and luxury resorts in nearly every tourist destination. Many have timeshare opportunities as well.

Nudist resorts are becoming increasingly upscale, with many catering to baby boomers and retirees. You will feel right at home and meet new friends.

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